The main goal of the M & V automation system automation project is to develop an automated system of public lighting control. Smart public lightning (SPL) is a system intended for installation on buildings of public lighting. Its basic function is to implement M & V system parameters in real time. As such, the following functionalities should be provided to users: Spatial GIS overview, Schematic view with measurements, Real-time measurements, Chronological event recorder and alarms, Archiving energy data, Database, Detection and fault detection, System management, Monitoring and monitoring of maintenance activities, Control quality of electricity, system status reports, reports on measurement and verification of savings, reports on delivery of standards.
Today's automated systems for measuring and verifying savings should be created in new computer languages such as HTML 5 technologies, compatible with the high degree of integration and unification present in the IOT concept, and use cloud solutions. Cloud computing solutions allow the user to have control over the system and processes that are being monitored at any time. Such solutions are simple and user-friendly. At SPL, the programming languages that were used are PHP and Javascript with Jquery library.

In accordance with company policy and access to open source solutions and in order to make progress and possible joint further cooperation on system development, the available documentation and system can be found here.