Organized by the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness, on 03.07.2015. a workshop was held in the City Hall of the City of Rijeka on the topic "Application of the PPP model to delivery of energy efficiency projects in public lighting and energy renewal of public buildings within the concept of smart cities". Damir Juričić, Deputy Director of the Investment and Competitiveness Agency, opened the program with the presentation "Regulations, Documentation, Preparation and Implementation of EE Projects under the PPP Model". His presentation contained the basics and acquaintance with the project preparation and implementation process itself. Below are some practical examples that Goran Justinić, ESCO Group d.o.o. on the topic "A Practical Example of PPP Project Preparation of Low Value in Public Lighting" and Saša Marenjak, Director of PPP Centers d.o.o. which, for example, clarified the preparation of the PPP project in energy renewal of public buildings.