About us

About us

ESCO group ltd was founded in 2012 by young experts as a response to growing market demands in the area of energy saving and energy efficiency. In project development, ESCO Group relies on internal and external expert teams in the field of technical sciences and economics. The core business was consulting, development and management of projects that included the preparation of projects under the public-private partnership and the EPC model.
Today the core business is IT software development. At the end of the 2016, a new direction has been set up with the mail goal to transform the consulting company to the IT company with its own projects and products in the field of IOT technology. Until today, the company has delivered several different custom made systems for different customers. The strength of the company lies with its employees and partners, capable of solving each problem and delivering the best service or solution to the customer.

Our products and services:

- IT services
- Consulting services
- Engineering services

IT services

We develop and maintain our own software solutions and services, and implement our own software applications that help our customers to optimally manage and improve their business. The services we offer can be divided into several main areas:
● IT consulting
● Software development for customers
● Implementation of authorized solutions
● Integration application
● Technical and system support
● Digital solutions
● IOT solutions

The EU Directive about energy efficiency - goals by 2020: 20% less greenhouse gases than 1990, a 20% share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption and 20% less energy consumption.

R & D

Research and development projects

Big Data GIS

Information system for spatial planning of local governments in terms of sustainable development


The intelligent street lighting which is a complete innovation in our area


Energy matchmaking web platform for G2B, B2B & B2G

Big data GIS

Platform Big Data GIS is an information system for spatial planning of local governments in terms of sustainable development and allows the integration of various categories of data with spatial dimension of local government. Big data platform is based on GIS as a web application and it is currently in the development stage and will be delivered to customers at the SAAS - Software as a service delivery model. In this model the user does not need to purchase hardware or software components, but it is a platform always available via the Internet. Big data GIS is structured in the following groups:
- data about space using (spatial plans, particles, buildings in the area)
- data about municipal infrastructure (public lighting, telecommunications infrastructure, energy, roads, railways, water supply, sewerage and drainage, gas, pipeline, waste management system, public areas, cemeteries)
- data about sustainable management of real estate (ownership, tenure, rent, lease, housing)
- data about social and economic activities in the area (demographic, financial, fiscal and economic data)
The most important advantage of Big Data GIS is that the application allows users to see a multitude of structured data, has a high quality analytical mechanism for processing data, detects basic trends and allows the creation of conclusions and support decision-making.

Croatia has a unique geographical position which enables countless opportunities to improve energy efficiency!






For safety and reliability of electricity supply, it is necessary to have an optimal power system - combination of conventional and renewable energy sources.


List of references:




1. Needs Assessment Study of Local Governments and the Private Sector – Analysis of demand and supply, future projects investment and partnership potentials in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy use (NALAS, NEXPO 2013)

(The company in this operations participated as a subcontractor for engineering in indoor lighting)

  • The technical solution interior lighting in warehouses - Reconstruction and upgrade the complex Svilno 2, JGL d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for interior lighting lobby of the main building (Miramarska 24, 10000 Zagreb), CROATIA OSIGURANJE d.d.

  • The technical solution of internal lighting warehouses (Gospodarska 2, 10431 Sveta Nedelja), KUEHNE & NAGEL d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for interior lighting at fish processing factory - warehouses, manufacturing plants, cold storage and office space (Vabriga, 52465 Poreč), S.I.C. d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for internal lighting warehouses (Slavonska avenija 52/a, 10000 Zagreb), AWT INTERNATIONAL d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for internal lighting warehouses (Mavri b.b, 51216 Viškovo), SCAM MARINE d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for internal lighting warehouses (Gospodarska 9, 10431 Sveta Nedjelja), RADIN PRINT d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for internal lighting warehouses (Radnička b.b, 51000 Rijeka), VULKAN-NOVA d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for internal lighting warehouses (Milutina barača 19, 51000 Rijeka), TEHNOMEHANIKA d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for internal lighting warehouses (Vozišće 59/C, 51216 Viškovo), VRTNI CENTAR VIŠKOVO, NS AGRO TRADE d.o.o.

  • The technical solution for interior lighting for sports and recreational purposes (Marijana Cvetkovića 4, 44000 Sisak), ŠPORTSKA DVORANA BREZOVICA – SISAK
    (The company is in such operations for indoor lighting participated as a subcontractor for engineering)

  • Preliminary analysis of replacing existing inefficient lights with new efficient lamps – LUKOBRAN RIJEKA, LUKA RIJEKA d.o.o.

  • The technical solution outdoor lighting platform for waste disposal – Kukuljanovo, METIS d.o.o.

  • Technical solutions for modernization and / or reconstruction of public lighting - few projects

  • The main project of public lighting in the industrial zone of Novi Vinodolski

  • An energy audit of public lighting for the City of Novi Vinodolski and report production

  • An energy audit of public lighting for Municipality of Kostrena and report production

  • An energy audit of public lighting for Višnjan and report production

    Produced more simple and complex energy audits for buildings owned by physical persons Provedeno je više energetskih pregleda jednostavnih i složenih građevina u vlasništvu fizičkih osoba


    (Includes development of comprehensive technical and economic-legal documentation required for the evaluation and approval of the project by the regulator; these services are completed or in progress)

  • Consulting services for the project implementation for reconstruction of street lighting along the lines of energy services with the characteristics of PPPs in the Municipality of Omišalj (Company participated as a subcontractor)

  • Consulting services for the project implementation for reconstruction of street lighting by the PPP model for Pazin

  • Consulting services for the project implementation for reconstruction of street lighting by the PPP model for Novi Vinodolski

  • Consulting services for the project implementation for reconstruction of street lighting by the PPP model for Kostrena

  • Consulting services for the project implementation for reconstruction of street lighting by the PPP model for Višnjan
  • Research shows that investments that stimulate the production of energy from renewable sources and increase energy efficiency generate many more jobs than oil and coal.



    Investment Support for Smart Cities and Islands in Europe

    The European Investment Bank and the Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union of the Republic of Croatia organized a day-long conference on smart investments entitled "Investment Support for Smart Cities and Islands in Europe", held on June 17, 2019 in Arsenal, During the last decades, the number of European cities has increased, and their economy has progressed significantly more than the rest of Europe.

    Cities have become centers of true market competition, trade and providing top-notch services. However, cities are also faced with difficult challenges, such as social exclusion, budget cuts, and environmental pollution. The foreseeable increase in urban population in the coming decades will further emphasize opportunities and challenges as a model of successful urban regeneration.

    The conference is an incentive for the development of smart cities and smart islands through discussions involving prominent experts, detailing how smart investments can respond to existing infrastructure shortages and enable innovative project solutions.

    A new investment platform for smart cities and smart islands in the Republic of Croatia was presented at the conference. Discussions will also cover the topics of smart city initiatives, investment platforms, financial instruments, including the possibility of combining them with grants, project preparation, advisory services, technical assistance and new sources of funding.

    Representatives of ESCO group ltd. it was an honor and pleasure to attend such an important event, where the clear EU interest is shown that Croatia and Hvar are examples of the development of Smart Island models and Blockchain technology.


    Financial modelling and PPP in smart cities and islands projects

    Financial modelling and PPP in smart cities and islands projects.
    How to prepare, procure and contract sustainable smart street lighting projects?

    In cooperation with Centre for Support to Smart and Sustainable Cities, University of Rijeka, ESCO Group Ltd. develop a deterministic complex financial model which simplifies public procurement process for PPP projects and also can be used in ESCO projects.
    Our aim is to create an integral system for assessment of profitability, liquidity and bankability of smart street lightening projects. This project will contribute to effective and transparent procedure of procuring private partners in PPPs or in EPCs to public clients. We hope that this project will increase confidence in PPP model of procurement in Republic of Croatia.


    The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020).

    The content of the publication / broadcast material is the sole responsibility of ESCO Group ltd.

    Preserving energy is the future

    The ESCO Group held a presentation about EU funding options that can be used for all projects that use LED lighting. After the presentation, a panel discussion was held, featuring many solutions and ideas that can be implemented in future projects.

    International Conference Combining European Structural and Investment funds and Public Private Partnerships

    Within the EU co-financed project “Combining European Structural and Investment funds and Public-Private Partnership” the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness (beneficiary) and ESCO group ltd. (contractor) are jointly organizing international Conference to be held on 11th April 2017 in the Hotel Westin, Zagreb.

    Public sector representatives, particularly local governments, financial institutions and private investors as well are most welcome. The presenters are prominent experts in the field of public finance, EU funding, Public Private Partnership, public accounting and budgeting, etc.

    The Conference will present the form of contractual relationship between the public authorities and the private partner to implement infrastructure projects and/or to provide public services. Combining public and private partners and contracting service delivery standards will provide greater efficiency, better access to capital and better compliance with a series of regulations. Combination of EU grants, financial instruments and private capital, within the Public Private Partnership arrangements, assure the high co-financing and efficiency of public projects. It is especially important to point out the fact that the understanding of the opportunities that will be presented at the conference is necessary for the exploitation of existing and new European initiatives such as the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).

    Participation at the conference is free of charge. The simultaneous interpretation will be provided for participants.

    Conference invitation letter

    Conference Preliminary Programme

    Application form

    "Indeks razvijenosti" at Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds

    In cooperation with the competent services of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, ESCO group developed web application in the Cloud for calculation and visualization index of development. Application was presented at Ministry office, headed by Minister mr. Tomislav Tolusic on 27 July 2016.
    Main goal of this project was to visualize existing model of development index, calculating new model, and displaying data for comparing existing and new model.
    The application is designed as a solution in the Cloud with the ultimate goal of providing professional support to Ministry services in the implementation for regional policy and the implementation for the analysis and evaluation of data and indicators related to the quantification of development for local regional, local governments and towns in Croatia.
    Ultimately, the primary objective of this project was to provide a tool for experts who will be able to calculate new development index using selected data / parameters and to perform preliminary analysis.



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    ESCO GROUP ltd

    Office: Marije Krucifiksa Kozulić no.2, 51000 Rijeka
    Residence: Marijana Stepčića 11, 51000 Rijeka

    Phone: 00385 95/902-2038

    Bank: Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
    Bank account(IBAN): HR 7124020061100642909

    OIB: 99771243457
    Registration number(MBS): 040292942

    Share capital: 220.000,00 kn
    Board members: Goran Justinić, Andreja Fabijanić
    Person authorised to represent the company: Goran Justinić
    The company is registered at the Commercial Court in Rijeka